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Release Date: April 26, 2013
Studio: Lionsgate
Director: Justin Zackham
Screenwriter: Justin Zackham
Starring: Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried
Genre: Comedy, Romance
MPAA Rating: R


... Director/screenwriter/producer

...Executive Producer
...Executive Producer
...Executive Producer
...Director of Photography
...Production Designer
...Costume Designer

As a writer, director, and producer whose unique voice is at the heart of a host of remarkable projects in a variety of media, JUSTIN ZACKHAM (Director/screenwriter/producer) has established himself as a highly versatile filmmaker.

Together, business partner Clay Pecorin and Zackham make up the principals of Two Ton Films, a production company the childhood friends founded in 2006.

Soundbite- Justin Zackham (Screenwriter, Director, Producer)Soundbite- Justin Zackham (Screenwriter, Director, Producer)

Zackham is perhaps most widely known for the 2007 blockbuster hit, The Bucket List, starring Oscar winners Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The film, which Zackham wrote and executive produced, was named one of the "Top Ten Films of the Year" by the National Board of Review andamassed over $175 million worldwide. The word "Bucket List", which Zackham coined, is now listed in both Oxford and Webster's dictionaries.

Zackham recently penned thescript for One Chance, the life story of British opera sensation Paul Potts. The film, directed by David Frankel and produced by Simon Cowell and Brad Weston, andstaring Tony Award winning actor James Corden, Julie Walters and Colm Meaney, will be released by The Weinstein Company during the 2013 holiday season.

In television, Zackham is known for creating the critically acclaimed series "Lights Out" for FX Networks and Fox Television Studios. The one-hour drama tells the King Lear-informed story of a former heavyweight champion trying to turn his life around before he succumbs to Alzheimer's. Zackham served as Executive Producer alongside acclaimeddirector Philip Noyce.

Zackham is currently at work on his next series entitled "Jubilee" an historical drama set on a southern antebellum plantation in the years before, during and after the Civil War.

Zackham is a graduate of NYU Film School and currently resides in SouthernCalifornia with his family.

As a principal at Two Ton Films, CLAY PECORIN’S (Producer) acute business acumen and years of experience work on a number of entertainment-related projects have established him as a powerful force in film production and financing.

Two Ton Films is the brainchild of Pecorin and his longtime friend turned business partner, writer/director/producer Justin Zackham. The two are perhaps best known for Two Ton Films' production The Bucket List, followed by their critically acclaimed series “Lights Out,” which Zackham created for FX Networks and Fox Television Studios, which Pecorin co-produced.

Later this year, Clay will produce Two Ton's project Nubs, and is overseeing development and financing of Two Ton Films' slate of projects with actors including Diane Keaton, Robin Williams, and Amanda Seyfried.

As an executive in publishing, media, and philanthropy for over 13 years, Pecorin has worked on a myriad of projects with the likes of Time Warner, McGraw-Hill, Hearst, and KIII (now Primedia), and has raised over $150 million of debt and equity financing for a number of media ventures.

Pecorin entered the world of film as an investor in the independent cult classic Going Greek, which premiered on Showtime networks. He is also a managing partner of OTM Advisory, which has worked closely with the charities of Magic Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and business leader Michael Milken.

Clay is a graduate of Clemson University and currently resides in Connecticut.

HARRY J. UFLAND (Producer) is a film producer whose credits include Crazy/Beautiful, One True Thing, Snow Falling on Cedars, Not Without My Daughter and The Last Temptation of Christ.

Prior to setting up his own company, Ufland Productions, Ufland was partnered with Joe Roth in Ufland-Roth Productions where they produced such films as Streets of Gold, Where the River Runs Black, Off Beat and Moving Violations.

Ufland began his career as an agent with the William Morris Agency before moving to Creative Management Agency (which became ICM) and eventually founded The Ufland Agency. In his 23 years as an agent, Ufland represented Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Ridley Scott, Ben Gazzarra, Harvey Keitel, Tony Scott, Peter Bogdonavich, Catherine Deneuve, Marcello Mastroianni, Bertrand Tavernier, Jodie Foster, Jill Clayburgh, Cybill Shepherd, Cher and Sissy Spacek. He packaged such films as Raging Bull, The Duelists, Foxes, They All Laughed, Mean Streets, The King of Comedy, Once Upon a Time in America, Blade Runner and Taxi Driver.

Ufland is currently in development on the feature film Simple Prayers, from the Michael Golding novel, which he will produce with Martin Scorsese. For television he is developing the Robert Whiting book, Tokyo Underworld, which will be directed by Scorsese and adapted by Paul Shrader, and Real All Americans by Sally Jenkins, adapted by Nicholas Meyer and starring and to be directed by Tommy Lee Jones.

Ufland was born in New York where he attended Columbia University. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In addition to running Ufland Productions, he is a Professor at the Dodge College of Film at Media Arts at Chapman University in Orange, California.

RICHARD SALVATORE (Producer) founder of March On Productions, is a hands on filmmaker with over 40 films of experience. His extensive expertise contributes to every step of production from development to attaching directors and talent to securing the financing for production through delivery.

Part-Owner of the famous Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan along with his family, Richard was born in the Bronx, right down the street from Yankee stadium. He graduated Hofstra University while simultaneously owning and operating with his family the popular Greenwich Village restaurant, Poppolini's. After 15 years of running several Poppolini's and bars around NYC, and feeding a string of young soon to be stars including Ethan Hawke, Kevin Spacey, Anthony Michael Hall, Camryn Manheim, Matt Dillon and Adam Sandler, he got bitten by the film bug and drove cross country to try his hand at producing films. His parents, singer Geraldine Stuart and theater producer Steve Salvatore, provided the creative genes to influence his new career.

Since moving out from New York City, Richard has become intimately connected in the industry. He has developed strong relationships with top agents at each of the power agencies, which enable him to package projects with any level of talent. He has close relationships with the best foreign sales agents in town, thus guaranteeing that every film he touches will be sold in the foreign market for the absolute highest prices.

He frequently partners with the number one production company in the northwest, North By Northwest Productions, which retains its own cameras, electric, grip, trucks and full service post production facilities. This enables Richard to contribute more value to each budget and guarantee delivery of all the elements at below market rates.

Richard is represented by Paradigm’s Head of Motion Picture Finance, Andrew Ruf.

Out of the more than 40 films on which Rich has collaborated, including Shadow of Fear, My Mom’s New Boyfriend, and The Hit List, he has found working on The Big Wedding to be a wonderful experience. He anticipates the excellent reception of this upbeat, witty comedy featuring Amanda Seyfried, Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, and Diane Keaton.

Upcoming projects consist of Tokarev starring Nicolas Cage, The Follower starring Katherine Heigl, and his first TV venture, At Home With Magnolia, based on his sister’s bakery and books.

ANTHONY KATAGAS (Producer) is one of the most prolific producers working in American independent film who in 10 years has produced over 25 films and has worked with a slew of innovative and Oscar® winning filmmakers, including Steve McQueen, Andrew Dominik, Paul Haggis, John Singleton,Wes Craven, James Gray, Vadim Perelman, Lasse Hallström, Ben Younger, Nanette Burstein, Michael Almereyda and Sofia Coppola. In 1999, Katagas formed Keep Your Head Productions, committed to the development and production of homegrown New York films.

Through Keep Your Head, Katagas has produced films by visionary filmmaker Michael Almereyda: Happy Here and Now (IFC Films 2001), This So-Called Disaster (IFC Films 2002) and William Eggelston in the Real World (Palm Pictures 2005). Keep Your Head also produced Blackbird by Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright Adam Rapp (2007) and James Gray’s Lowlife (The Weinstein Company, 2013).

Katagas also worked on 54 (Miramax), Michael Almereyda’s Hamlet 2000 (Miramax), Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation (Focus Features), Jay Anania’s Long Time Since, Deny Arcand’s Stardom (Alliance Atlantis) and the Robert Evans’ documentary The Kid Stays In The Picture (USA Films).

In 2004, Katagas was nominated for an IFP Independent Spirit award, honoring filmmakers who, despite limited resources, demonstrate the creativity, tenacity, and vision required to produce high-quality independent films.

He has since served as co-producer on Ray Mckinnon’s Chrystal (First Look, 2004), Adam Rapp’s Winter Passing (Focus Features, 2005), and Ben Younger’s Prime (Universal, 2005).

Katagas has produced or executive produced Lasse Hallström’s The Hoax (Miramax, 2006), Vadim Perelman’s The Life Before Her Eyes (Magnolia Pictures, 2007), James Gray’s two Palme d’Or and César-nominated films We Own the Night (Columbia Pictures, 2007) and Two Lovers (2008), Marc Lawrence’s Did You Hear About the Morgans? (Columbia, 2009), Wes Craven’s My Soul To Take (Universal, 2010), Paul Haggis’ The Next Three Days (Lionsgate, 2010) and JohnSingleton’s Abduction (Lionsgate, 2011) starring Taylor Lautner.

Most recently Katagas produced Andrew Dominik’s Killing Them Softly (The Weinstein Company 2012) starring Brad Pitt; James Gray’s Lowlife (The Weinstein Company, 2013) starring Joaquin Pheonix, Jeremy Renner and Marion Cotillard; and is in postproduction on Steve McQueen’s Twelve Years a Slave (New Regency, 2013) starring Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

DANNY DIMBORT (Executive Producer) is among the most experienced film salesman in the industry. He has been involved directly in international film sales for over 40 years, and has been integrally involved in film distribution, generally, for 48 years. He knows the industry both as a territorial distributor and as an international salesman. Dimbort entered the film industry as a distribution executive for Golan Globus Films in Israel, where he was responsible for the marketing and management of the company's film rights in the Israeli market. Within two years, he was appointed to Managing Director and retained this position for 14 years, during which he was responsible for all facets of film distribution. In 1980, Dimbort moved to Los Angeles, where he became head of international sales for Cannon Films, one of the most prolific film production/distribution companies of the era. With the merger of Cannon and Pathe in 1988, Dimbort became Head of International Sales, and, when Cannon/Pathe took over MGM in 1990, he became President of International Distribution for MGM. In 1992, he left MGM to start Nu Image Inc., an international distribution company he co-chaired with Avi Lerner. Since its inception, Nu Image has developed and maintained a solid reputation as a producer and distributor of high quality action pictures for both the international and domestic markets. Much of Nu Image’s reputation was due in part, to Dimbort’s well respected positioning in the international arena. In 1996, Dimbort and Nu Image formed Millennium Films to address the market's growing need for quality theatrical films and higher budget action features, while Nu Image continued to serve the home video market. Between the two divisions, over 300 films have been produced since 1992.

In 2011, still a partner, Dimbort made the bold decision to step away from the day to day at Nu Image. He became President of International Sales at Red Granite Pictures at a time in his life when most people would be slowing down. When asked why he simply stated “the challenge of doing something different.” He remains with both companies today.

TREVOR SHORT (Executive Producer) was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and he obtained his Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Rhodesia and an MBA from the University of Cape Town. In 1980 he entered the merchant banking industry with Standard Chartered Merchant Bank in Zimbabwe where he became head of the Corporate Finance department, responsible for take overs, mergers and stock market flotations. In 1984 he moved to South Africa and joined the Corporate Finance division of Hill Samuel Merchant Bank in Johannesburg. Here he was primarily involved in mergers and acquisitions and Stock Exchange listings but he also met Avi Lerner for the first time who was seeking a means to raise investment financing for the production of King Solomon's Mines.

Between 1984 and 1985 Trevor developed a tax based financing scheme which was successful in raising over $200 million from South African private investors in order to fund the production of international feature films in South Africa. During this period he also secured the financing necessary to allow Avi Lerner to acquire the Metro Cinema Chain and Thorn EMI Home Video in South Africa.

In 1986 Trevor moved from Hill Samuel to Investec Merchant Bank in Johannesburg as head of their Corporate Finance division. He was responsible for 8 IPO's on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, numerous mergers and acquisitions and he also continued to secure private financing for motion pictures, most of which were produced by Nu Metro Productions for international film companies. He was also the primary consultant to the Government of South Africa regarding film investment and taxation legislation.

In 1989 Trevor left banking and joined Avi Lerner as a shareholder and Chief Executive of the Nu Metro group in Johannesburg. He continued to arrange financing for the group's film production activities and was directly involved in the planning, design, financing and construction of the group's growing cinema chain. In 1990 he was instrumental in securing the acquisition by Nu Metro of the Warner and Disney video licenses for Southern Africa and in bringing the CNA Gallo Group in as shareholders of Nu Metro. In 1991, Lerner and Short negotiated the sale of the Nu Metro group to CNA Gallo.

Between 1992 and 1995 Trevor operated as the CFO of the Nu Image group commuting between London, where he moved in 1993, the production studios in Johannesburg and the Nu Image offices in Los Angeles. He was and remains primarily responsible for the legal, financing and administrative operations of the Nu Image Group. In 1995 he moved to Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and family.

JOHN THOMPSON (Executive Producer) grew up in Rome where his fine body of work began in the Italian film industry. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s he produced such films as Franco Zeffirelli's Otello Oscar® nomination for Best Costume Design, Cannes Official Selection, American Critics Award); Claude D'Anna's Salome (Cannes Official Selection); Lina Wertmuller's Camorra (four Donatello Awards, Berlin Film Fest official entry); Liliana Cavani's Berlin Interior (Donatello Award, Berlin Film Festival official selection); Paul Schrader's The Comfort of Strangers (Cannes Official Selection); Ivan Passer's Haunted Summer (Venice Film Festival Official Selection); Jerzy Skolimowski's Torrents of Spring (Cannes Official Selection) and Giuseppe Tornatore's Everybody's Fine (Cannes Official Selection).

Thompson returned to Los Angeles to helm production for Nu Image/Millennium Films in 1998. Films he has produced or co-produced for Nu Image include American Perfekt written and directed by Paul Chart (Cannes Official Selection); Susanna Styron's Shadrach (Venice Official Selection); Some Girl from Rory Kelly (Best Director Award, LA Independent Film Festival); Audrey Wells' Guinevere; George Hickenlooper's Big Brass Ring as well as Prozac Nation.

Continuing as Millennium’s Head of Production Thompson has gone on to oversee The Mechanic, The Expendables 1 & 2, Brooklyn's Finest, Righteous Kill, Rambo IV, The Big Wedding, Playing the Field, Homefront, Killing Season, Lovelace, Iceman, The Paperboy and Texas Chainsaw 3D.

MATT O’TOOLE’s (Co-Producer) work is seen in blockbuster franchise hits like The Expendables 1 and 2, Rambo IV and Texas Chainsaw 3D. His extensive work with Millennium Films productions have also included Conan the Barbarian, Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia and countless more. O'Toole began working in the film industry at the eager young age of 14. His first job was as a production runner on Tim Burton's Batman, which was shooting near his home in England at the legendary Pinewood Studios. Since then, his work has taken him across the globe and back on big budget epic productions that include three films with acclaimed director Ridley Scott: Academy Award® Winner Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and Black Hawk Down, as well as Evita, Billy Elliott, Troy, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, The Secret Garden, Judge Dredd, Othello, The Avengers, and the Emmy® Award winning Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks HBO mini-series Band of Brothers.

The son of Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown, JONATHAN BROWN, ASC (Director of Photography) grew up in Philadelphia and on film sets around the world. He studied English and History at Ithaca College, but started working with cameras as soon as he graduated. His visual storytelling education came while working as an operator under numerous distinguished cinematographers, including Conrad Hall and Vittorio Storraro. Inducted into the American Society of Cinematographers at an early age, Jonathan has photographed everything from indies to studio pictures, with The Big Wedding being his fourteenth feature film.

ANDREW JACKNESS’ (Production Designer) most recent film productions are the upcoming Showtime series “The Masters Of Sex,” The Big Wedding, Everybody’s Fine and Killshot directed by John Madden. He has worked as Production Designer on: Stanley Tucci’s Big Night, The Impostors and Joe Gould’s Secret. As well as Reckless, Prelude To A Kiss, Longtime Companion and Blue Windowdirected by Norman Rene.He designed The Love Letter, The Associate with Whoopie Goldberg, and also with John Madden, Ethan Frome and Golden Gate as well as On The Line, and the HBO feature In The Gloaming directed by Christopher Reeve. For television he designed the pilot episodes of the television series “Lights Out,” “Off The Map,” and “The Blacklist.” He also designed the series “Life As We Know It.”

His work has been seen on Broadway in the musical The 2010 revival of “Bye Bye Birdie,” “The Scarlet Pimpernel,” as well as “Precious Sons,” “Spoils Of War,” Jules Feiffer’s “Grownups,” “The Little Foxes” starring Elizabeth Taylor, “Beyond Therapy,” “Whodunnit,” “Michael Feinstein On Broadway,” and Arthur Kopit’s “Wings.” As well as the Hal Prince production of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Whistle Down The Wind.”

His regional credits include “Carnival!,” and “Mr. Roberts” at the Kennedy Center, directed by Robert Longbottom, “The Blonde, The Brunette, and the Vengeful Redhead” at Cincinatti Playhouse, and Dallas Theater Center, Charles Ludlam’s production of “Die Fledermaus,” and “Cosi Fan Tutte” at Santa Fe Opera, Strauss’ “Intermezzo” at NYC Opera, “Salome” for Glimmerglass Opera, “South Pacific” with Richard Kiley for Los Angeles Civic Light Opera, Spoleto Festival USA; “Savageland” at Washington Opera, “Frida” for Houston Grand Opera. and work for the Arena Stage, Berkeley Rep, the Mark Taper Forum, the American Repertory Theater, Long Wharf theater, Seattle Rep., ACT Seattle, Hartford Stage Co., The Shakespeare Theater, Yale Repertory Theater, St. Louis Rep., Dallas Theater Center, The Alley Theater, Center Stage, Virginia Stage Co., The Intiman Theater, The Wilma Theater, The Geffen Playhouse and the Williamstown Theater Festival.

In Europe he has designed for the National Theater of Great Britain, London’s Tricycle Theater, and the Schiller Theater in Berlin.

Off Bradway, his work includes designs for “Jam On The Groove” with Ghetto Original dance group, for the NY Shakespeare Festival, as well as work for the Music Theater Group, the American Place Theater, the Roundabout Theater, Manhatten Theater Club, Circle In The Square, the Dodgers BAM Theater Co., and Circle Rep. He has served as artistic associate for the Second Stage, and Playwrights Horizons

As illustrator he collaborated with playwright Wendy Wasserstein on a children’s book titled “Pamela’s First Musical.” He is a graduate of The Yale School Of Drama, and has teaches the Film Design program at NYU’s Tisch School Of The Arts.

JONATHAN CORN, ACE (Editor) began his editing career in 1998 and since then has worked on numerous productions and has been nominated for three Emmys for his work on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and an ACE Eddie award for his work on “Entourage.” His work also includes Masked and Anonymous, Bickford Schmeckler's Cool Ideas, Bruno, and Movie 43.

AUDE BRONSON-HOWARD (Costume Designer) has had the good fortune to enjoy a rewarding creative collaboration with Robert De Niro, having designed for him individually on several films, including Luc Besson's Malavita,Neil Burger’s Limitless and Gary McKendry’s Killer Elite, as well as being the costume designer on movies in which he has starred, such as Alan Parker’s Angel Heart; Frank Oz’s The Score; Harold Ramis’ Analyze This and Analyze That; John Polson’s Hide and Seek; Kirk Jones’ Everybody’s Fine; and Paul Weitz’s Being Flynn.

She began her career in design school in France, where she was raised. At a very young age, she worked at Yves St. Laurent, designing menswear for 12 years. She parlayed this skill into costume design, first for commercials then on to feature films. Among her early movie credits as assistant costume designer were Alan Parker’s Fame and Shoot the Moon and Adrian Lyne’s 9 1/2 Weeks. Since then, Ms. Bronson-Howard’s films as costume designer have included Alan Parker’s Mississippi Burning; Phil Joanou’s State of Grace, Final Analysis, and Heaven’s Prisoners; Martin Brest’s Scent of a Woman, starring Academy Award® winner Al Pacino, and Meet Joe Black; Peter Medak’s Romeo is Bleeding; Brian De Palma’s Carlito’s Way; Al Pacino’s Looking for Richard; Mike Newell’s Donnie Brasco; and Martin Scorsese’s short film The Key to Reserva. She collaborated with Billy Crystal on his acclaimed Broadway show 700 Sundays.

She has been honored with a Costume Designers Guild Award for Martin Scorsese’s “Bleu de Chanel” commercial; and with a New York Women in Film & Television award.

Ms. Bronson-Howard has owned and operated her own boutiques, ABH Design, and is still currently commissioned to design fashion collections.


Justin Zackham

Justin Zackham

Based on an Original Screenplay by:
Jean-Stephane Bron
Karine Sudan

Clay Pecorin
Harry J. Ufland
Justin Zackham
Richard Salvatore
Anthony Katagas

Executive Producer:
Thierry Spicher
Philippe Martin
Michael Paseornek
Jason Constantine
Eda Kowan
Avi Lerner
Danny Dimbort
Trevor Short
Boaz Davidson
John Thompson

Matt O'Toole

Photography Director:
Jonathan Brown

Production Designer:
Andrew Jackness

Jonathan Corn

Costume Designer:
Aude Bronson-Howard

Nathan Barr

Barbara Fiorentino

Stills Photographer:
Barry Wetcher

Lions Gate Films
Millennium Films

Production Company:
Two Ton Films


Directed by
Justin Zackham

Screenplay by
Justin Zackham

Based on motion pictures by
Jean-Stéphane Bron "Mon frère se marie"
Karine Sudan "Mon frère se marie"

Produced by
Danny Dimbort .... executive producer
Anthony Katagas .... producer
Avi Lerner .... executive producer
Matthew O'Toole .... co-producer
Clay Pecorin .... producer
Richard Salvatore .... producer
Trevor Short .... executive producer
John Thompson .... executive producer
Harry J. Ufland .... producer
Justin Zackham .... producer

Original Music by
Nathan Barr

Cinematography by
Jonathan Brown

Film Editing by
Jon Corn

Casting by
Barbara Fiorentino

Production Design by
Andrew Jackness

Art Direction by
Toni Barton

Set Decoration by
David Schlesinger

Costume Design by
Aude Bronson-Howard

Makeup Department
Jon Jordan DiBartolomeo .... assistant hair stylist
Rachel Geary .... key makeup artist
Jason Hayes .... assistant hair stylist
Michelle Johnson .... personal hair stylist: Susan Sarandan
Nick London .... makeup artist
Evelyne Noraz .... makeup department head
Sacha Quarles .... hair stylist: Robert DeNiro
Susan Reilly LeHane .... makeup artist: Susan Sarandon
Michelle Vittone .... makeup for Amanda Seyfried
Carla White .... makeup artist: Robert DeNiro

Production Management
John Fedynich .... production supervisor

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Adam Bernard .... additional second assistant director
Francisco Ortiz .... second assistant director
Derek Peterson .... additional second second assistant director
Doug Torres .... first assistant director

Art Department
Stephanie Abbaspour .... art production assistant
Larry Blamire .... storyboard artist
Garf Brown .... scenic artist
Sam Burrell .... key construction grip
John J. Ciccimarro .... key carpenter
Katie Clinebelle .... props
Michael Consolmagno .... greens
Michael Consolmagno .... set dresser
Peter Gelfman .... property master
Scott Gertsen .... construction foreman
Linda Ginter .... art intern
Deborah Greene .... assistant set decorator
Greg Hagler .... construction coordinator
Anne Beiser Haywood .... camera scenic
Leo Holder .... graphic artist
Tim Jackson .... greens person
Michael B. Lewis .... greensperson
Kirstin Mooney .... art department coordinator
John Ralbovsky .... charge scenic
Jaime Reyes .... scenic shop person
Amy Safhay .... lead greensperson
Bradley Schmidt .... assistant art director
Ari David Schwartz .... on-set dreser
Paul Steinberg .... key shop electric
Dick Tice .... leadman
Franz Yeich .... best boy construction grip

Sound Department
Wade Barnett .... adr recordist
Scott Brewster .... adr recordist
Brian Dunlop .... foley editor
David Giammarco .... sound re-recording mixer
Anguibe Guindo .... boom operator
Ellen Heuer .... foley artist
Bill Higley .... adr mixer: New York
James Hyde .... adr recordist
Ken Ishii .... production sound mixer
Travis MacKay .... adr mixer
Paul Massey .... sound re-recording mixer
Brendan Jamieson O'Brien .... additional sound utility
Thomas O'Neil Younkman .... supervising sound editor
Egor Panchenko .... pro tools playback mixer
Dan Sharp .... sound re-recordist
Callie Thurman .... assistant sound editor
Irene Vinader .... foley editor
Eric Walendzinski .... sound utility
Rabb Whitehead .... adr recordist
Mandell Winter .... dialogue editor

Special Effects by
Stephen Powers .... special effects

Visual Effects by
Richard Aponte .... visual effects artist
Bradley M. Baxter .... digital effects artist
John Brizzi .... technical support
Aaron T. Brown .... visual effects artist
Dwight Carter .... compositor
Chris M. Cooper .... visual effects artist
Scott Coulter .... visual effects producer
Alexandre Daigle .... visual effects network administrator supervisor
Joshua Garza .... lead visual effects artist
Errol Hanse .... digital compositor
Jack Hebert .... visual effects artist
Justin Horton .... visual effects artist
Travis Howe .... visual effects coordinator
Ivan Gochev Ivanov .... visual effects artist
Matthew S. Jennings .... quality control
Kevin Langley .... quality control
Ryan Littlefield .... visual effects artist
Yael Majors .... digital compositor
Ryan Markley .... 3d artist
Esteban Olide .... CG artist
Kyoung Kay Park .... visual effects artist
Dee Anne Phillips .... visual effects editor
Stephen H. Porter .... visual effects project manager
Amy Putrynski .... visual effects supervisor
Dustin Scholl .... colorist
Patrick Schultz .... visual effects artist
William Tatum III .... visual effects artist
Anton Tsolov .... visual effects artist
Juvenal Vique .... visual effects artist
Radoslav Yanudov .... digital compositor

Chris Barnes .... marine coordinator
Jen Egan .... stunt double: Christine Ebersole
Jen Egan .... stunt double: Katherine Heigl
Roy Farfel .... assistant stunt coordinator
Jim Ford .... water safety & stunts
Christopher Jon Gombos .... stunts
Greg Harvey .... utility stunts
Jenna Rae Montgomery .... stunt double
Declan Mulvey .... assistant stunt coordinator
Christopher Place .... stunt double
Manny Siverio .... stunt coordinator

Camera and Electrical Department
Olga Abramson .... assistant camera
Tristan Allen .... grip
Eric Boncher .... lamp operator
Marcel Ciurea .... grip
Richie Ford .... rigging gaffer
Bob Gambardella .... electrician
John Gatland .... best boy rigging grip
Eric Gearity .... key rigging grip
Bjorn G. Jackson .... digital imaging technician
Jeremy Knaster .... electrician
Denny Kortze .... first assistant camera: "b" camera
Charles Libin .... camera operator: "b" camera
Mitchell Andrew Lillian .... key grip
Hamilton Longyear .... second assistant camera: "b" camera
Kevin Lowry .... dolly grip: "b" camera
Lorne MacDougall .... electrician
Rick Marroquin .... dolly grip: "a" camera
Michael J. Maurer .... electrician
Jim McConkey .... camera operator: "a" camera
Matt Naughton .... electrician
Bill O'Leary .... gaffer
Andrew Peck .... second assistant camera: "a" camera
Andrew Priestley .... additional camera operator
Guillaume Renberg .... remote camera operator
Daniel Salk .... video assist
Sean Souza .... additional second assistant camera
Eric Swanek .... first assistant camera: "a" camera
Barry Wetcher .... still photographer
Tesh Yana .... video intern

Casting Department
Ronen Gevint .... background casting
Charlene Lee .... casting assistant
Melissa Moss .... local casting associate
Katrina Wandel .... casting associate

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Ngina Bowen .... key costumer
Lindsey C. Brush .... costume coordinator
Scott T. Coppock .... set costumer
Maria Douglas .... wardrobe production assistant
Barrett Hong .... key costumer
Kathy Oberlin .... tailor
Kathy Pritt Price .... tailor
Monica Ruiz-Ziegler .... costumer: Mr. De Niro
Elizabeth Shelton .... assistant costume designer
Lauren Taylor .... wardrobe assistant

Editorial Department
Tony Dustin .... digital intermediate colorist: Technicolor
Jason Fabbro .... video colorist
Tom Foligno .... first assistant editor
Chris Gennarelli .... colorist
Brian Hayashi .... post-production coordinator
Allyse Manoff .... digital intermediate producer
Derek M. Schneider .... data management
Jim Passon .... color timer (uncredited)

Music Department
Selena Arizanovic .... music supervisor
The Budapest Symphony Orchestra .... score performed by
Bela Drahos .... conductor
Robert Gulya .... music recording director
Dénes Rédly .... score recordist: orchestra score
Mark Skillingberg .... music editor

Transportation Department
Jason Bowers .... driver
Jason Bowers .... swing truck driver

Other crew
Cameron Arguelles .... quality control
Rob Arnold .... production assistant
Oliver Brooks .... location assistant
Alana Cadiz .... stand-in
Joe Cappelletti .... adr voice director
Katy Castaldi .... assistant to Amanda Seyfried
Amyjoy Clark .... payroll accountant
Bob Corff .... dialect coach
Tana David .... post facilities manager
Maria Douglas .... production assistant
Nick Doumlele .... office production assistant
Jason Furrer .... assistant to producers
Karen Gehres .... epk producer
Sandi Greenberg .... production assistant
Jeffrey Greenstein .... executive assistant to Avi Lerner
Rob Herling .... location scout
Aaron Hurvitz .... location scout
Marcin Janowski .... executive in charge of marketing
Paul Kahil .... set production assistant
Anna Laclergue .... production assistant
Mela Lee .... adr voice replacement
Jessica Lichtner .... script supervisor
Lisa McPherson .... production assistant
Lauren Minichino .... assistant location manager
Travis Mitchell .... production accountant
Mathew Noack .... location assistant
Dani Nolan .... production assistant
Thomas R. Polleri .... location assistant
Susan Pusateri .... production executive
Lonnie Ramati .... production business & legal affairs
William Sepulveda .... key craft service
Dan Sullivan .... assistant to director
Ray Tamayo .... senior staff accountant
Tanya Thanadpojanamart .... distribution services
Gayle Vangrofsky .... location manager
Eva Vedock .... key craft service
Marilou Vetter .... second assistant accountant
Valerie Joy Wilson .... production assistant

Judd Apatow, Peter Farrelly and Jessica Lange

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DEC. 1-3, 2017
1. Coco
--- $26M (Gross $109M) wk2
2. Justice League
--- $17M (Gross $197M) wk3
3. Wonder
--- $13M (Gross $88M) wk3
4. Thor: Ragnarok
--- $10M (Gross $291M) wk5
5. Daddy's Home 2
--- $8M (Gross $83M) wk4
6. Murder on the Orient Express
--- $7M (Gross $85M) wk4
7. Lady Bird
--- $4.5M (Gross $17.1M 5
8. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
--- $5M (Gross $14M) wk4
9. The Star
--- $4M (Gross $27M) wk3
10. A Bad Moms Christmas
--- $4M (Gross $65M) wk5

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Production Notes
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About the Cast
... Don
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... Lyla
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... Ellie
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... Missy
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... Bebe
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... Father Moinighan
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... Alejandro
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... Muffin
... Barry
... Madonna
... Nuria
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... Jared
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About the Crew
... Director, screenwriter, producer
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...Executive Producer
...Executive Producer
...Executive Producer
...Director of Photography
...Production Designer
...Costume Designer


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