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1. Opening Title Sequence
Upscale Font The opening title sequence for Watchmen, as created by yU+Co.

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Release Date: March 6, 2009
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Director: Zack Snyder
Screenwriter: David Hayter, Alex Tse
Starring: Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
MPAA Rating: R
Watchmen (2009) BTS: Opening Title Sequence
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Behind the Scenes (most HD)

1. Opening Title Sequence
Upscale Font The opening title sequence for Watchmen, as created by yU+Co.

2. Character Clip - Silk Spectre II

Laurie Juspeczyk was pushed into adventuring by her mother Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre. The youngest of the Watchmen, Laurie was haunted by ghosts from her mother's past, which complicated her own, limited activities as a vigilante. She became involved with Dr. Manhattan and quickly retired her Silk Spectre identity as costume vigilantes were outlawed, choosing to live with Dr. Manhattan at a private government institution. Their isolated lives together make her witness and captive to his increasingly inhuman eccentricities.
3m4s (bts8.flv)

3. Character Clip - Nite Owl II
Inspired by the original Nite Owl from the hero team known as the Minutemen, Dan Dreiberg used his skills as an inventor to become the second, much more gadget-driven Nite Owl. Partnering with Rorschach, the two operated as a team, using Nite Owl's Owlship, a round, owl-themed craft named Archie, to quickly fly to the scene of the crime. Relatively even-keeled when compared to his fellow heroes, Dreiberg retired when costumed vigilantes were outlawed, and as the years passed he has fallen out of shape and been plagued by growing insecurities.
1m1s (bts-niteowl.flv)

4. Character Clip - The Comedian
One of the most active vigilantes in the Watchmen universe, Edward Blake operated as the Comedian for decades, in addition to working for the U.S. government in Vietnam and elsewhere. Originally a jester-themed hero, he later took on a more militaristic outfit, in keeping with his violent solutions to most problems. He is by all appearances a cynical egotist using moralistic vigilantism as a cover for his sadistic tendencies.
1m16s (bts-comedian.flv)

5. Character Clip - Rorschach
Motivated by a traumatic childhood and an unwavering sense of right and wrong, Walter Kovacs became the costumed hero Rorschach, wearing a trench coat, a fedora, and a mask with a shifting, mirrored pattern of black shapes on a white background. Highly skilled in physical combat and able to turn almost anything to hand into a makeshift weapon, Rorschach worked as a team with the second Nite Owl until costumed vigilantes were outlawed. Nite Owl retired, but Rorschach refused to follow suit, operating illegally and becoming increasingly paranoid. His journal is the regular record of all of his activities and his increasingly misanthropic musings.
1m17s (bts-rorschach.flv)

6. Character Clip - Dr. Manhattan
In the late 1950s, ordinary man Jon Osterman was ripped into particles in a science experiment gone horribly wrong. But his consciousness lived on, and he managed to reassemble himself as a true superhuman, a glowing blue model of physical perfection, able to see the future and alter matter all the way down to the subatomic level. His presence profoundly affects not just his fellow heroes, but also global scientific and geopolitical affairs. However, his growing detachment from humanity has frequently left him indifferent to the world and the people around him.
1m33s (bts-manhattan.flv)

7. Watching the Watchmen - Episode 1 -Silk Spectre II and Dr. Manhattan
Introduces the character Dr. Manhattan, played by Billy Crudup, and Silk Spectre II, as played by Malin Akerman.
3m32s (bts-E1-manhattanspectre.flv)

8. Watching the Watchmen-Episode 2 - Rorschach and Nite Owl II
Introduces the character Nite Owl II, played by Patrick Wilson, and Rorschach, as played by Jackie Earle Haley.
3m21s (bts-E2-rorschachniteowl.flv)

9. Watching the Watchmen-Episode 3 - The Comedian and Ozymandias
Introduces the character The Comedian, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Ozymandias, as played by Matthew Goode.
2m59s (bts-E3comedianozymandias.flv)

10. Watching the Watchmen-Episode 4- Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons
Features an introduction to the story from director Zack Snyder and artist David Gibbons.
3m36s (bts-E4-zacksnydergibbons.flv)

11. Featurette - Zack Snyder
Director Zack Snyder introduces the story, characters and stars of Watchmen, starring Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Crudup, Malin Akerman, Carla Gugino, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Goode and more.
4m7s (bts-f-zacksnyder.flv)

12. Video Journal 2 - 'Costumes'
Here is the second look at the set of Watchmen and the costumes that are showcased in the film.
3m36s (bts-vj2.flv)

13. Video Journal 3 - 'Stunts'
Focuses on a particular stunt that takes place during the film's riot sequence. Like the graphic novel, a character is lit on fire.
2m25s (bts-stunts.flv)

14. Video Journal 4 - Dave Gibbons
Introduces us to Dave Gibbons, the film's production designer. Pay attention for a shot of Rorschach.
2m48s (bts-journal4.flv)

15. Video Journal 5 - The Owlship
An inside look at the Nite Owl's iconic flying vehicle.
2m18s (bts-owlship.flv)

16. Video Journal 6 -The Look Of Watchmen
As released by IGN: The director, producers and director of photography discuss the comic book movie's "stylized realism".
3m24s (bts-6-look.flv)

17. Video Journal 7 - Blue Monday
The video, "Blue Monday," offers a look behind the scenes at how director Zack Snyder and his team brought the indestructible Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup) to life. Based on the seminal graphic novel, the mystery adventure is set in an alternate-universe 1985 America in which costumed superheroes are part of the fabric of everyday society. When one of his former colleagues is murdered, the washed-up but no less determined masked vigilante Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley) sets out to uncover a plot to kill and discredit all past and present superheroes.
3m12s (bts-vj7.flv)

18. Video Journal 9 - Art Direction
The producer of Watchmen, Deborah Snyder, starts the presentation, followed by sets of decorator Jim Erickson, responsible for the objects from the scene Jimmy Chow, director Zack Snyder and co-producer Wesley Coller. The five discuss all the little details that make with that the world of comics get life in screens.
2m49s (bts-vj9.flv)

19. Video Journal 10 - The Minutemen
Here is the 10th Video Journal for Watchmen that focuses on the story's Minutemen.
2m55s (bts-minutemen.flv)

20. Video Journal 11 - Rorschach's Mask
Focuses on Rorschach's character and, in particular, how the filmmakers accomplished the effect of his perpetually shifting inkblot mask. Rorschach is a vigilante with a particularly strong sense of right and wrong and a particular lack of mercy or willingness to compromise. He wears a mask that resembles a Rorschach test, hence the name.
2m58s (bts-rorschachsmask.flv)

21. Featurette - Sets
The first featurette in a series of 12 takes a look at the Watchmen sets.
3m57s (bts-sets.flv)

22. Zack Snyder Greeting
Director Zack Snyder's first production diary for Watchmen, as he explains current developments.
1m14s (bts-greeting.flv)

23. B-Roll I
First of three b-rolls for Watchmen. B-roll provides a compilation of behind the scenes footage from the film.
5m29s (bts-b-roll.flv)

24. B-Roll II
Second of three b-rolls for Watchmen. B-roll provides a compilation of behind the scenes footage from the film.
4m14s (bts-b-roll-2.flv)

25. B-Roll III
Third of three b-rolls for Watchmen. B-roll provides a compilation of behind the scenes footage from the film.
2m3s (bts-b-roll-3.flv)

26. London Premiere - Dr. Manhattan River Spectacle
UK release of the hugely anticipated and revered Watchmen, at exactly 8pm GMT, London's River Thames will give birth to a Watchmen spectacle that is beyond the thinkable. Dr Manhattan, the blue skinned, super-powered being beloved of all Watchmen fans, will rise above the murky depths of the Thames to a height of over 70 feet and tower over all those who dare to attend.This dramatic, one-off spectacle will be created using the world's biggest water screen projector. The water screen, moored especially for this occasion in the middle of the Thames between the London Eye and The Shell Building, will create an enormous vertical screen of water that will extend to 72 feet in height and 100 feet across. Specially created, never to be seen again Watchmen footage, will be projected onto the screen to showcase Dr Manhattan's translucent and shimmering form in dramatic and gigantic effect - this really will be an excellent and exciting medium to see Dr Manhattan in all his super human glory; and to watch him hover over the city in true Watchmen style.
0m55s (bts-uk_premiere.flv)

27. Visual Effects Interview
BoingBoing was able to talk to director Zack Snyder and visual effects supervisor John "DJ" Des Jardin about the forthcoming movie Watchmen at the Apple store in Santa Monica.
7m44s (bts-boing-sfx_int.flv)

28. MTV Spoilers Screening
MTV Spoilers held a screener of the film and then Malin Akerman, Patrick Wilson, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, and Zack Snyder answer questions.
9m2s (bts-spoilers-screen.flv)

29. Set Visit #1

G4 got this exclusive Comic Con visit to the top secret set for Watchmen.
3m6s (bts-set-g4.flv)

30. Set Visit #2
MTV was able to visit the set of Watchmen where director Zack Snyder took them on a tour of 1977 Manhattan and explains that, when it comes to “dark” subject matter, Batman’s got nothin’ on the Watchmen! --so they say!
1m47s (bts-mtv-tour.flv)

31. Tales of the Black Freighter Featurette
A behind the scenes look at Tales of the Black Freighter. The comic was read by a character in the Watchmen graphic novel. The Tales of the Black Freighter DVD, in stores on March 24, 2009.
5m37s (bts-black_freighter-ft.flv)

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