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Release Date: April 20, 2007
Studio: Screen Gems (Sony)
Director: Nimród Antal
Mark L. Smith
Starring: Luke Wilson, Kate Beckinsale, Frank Whaley, Ethan Embry
Genre: Horror, Thriller
MPAA Rating: R (for brutal violence and terror, brief nudity and language)
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vacancy010.jpg (48 K) When David (Luke Wilson) and Amy Fox's (Kate Beckinsale) car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they are forced to spend the night at the only motel around, with only the TV to entertain them... until they discover that the low-budget slasher movies they're watching were all filmed in the very room they're sitting in. With hidden cameras now aimed at them... trapping them in rooms, crawlspaces, underground tunnels... and filming their every move, David and Amy must struggle to get out alive before whomever is watching them can finish their latest masterpiece. More here
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"Vacancy," is one strange movie.
John Anderson

There's no better form of marriage therapy -- according to the torture-chic horror romp "Vacancy" -- than being stuck in a fleabag motel and threatened by psychotic killers. Better yet, make that mask-wearing sadists who not only want to terrify, abuse and kill you, but also sell videos of your painful demise. Whether a movie about snuff films is morally superior to a snuff film is a question for debate, but "Vacancy" should have no trouble making B.O. hay in a marketplace hungry for the next big outrage.

Vacancy is the nasty little runt to Psycho
David Edelstein
New York Magazine

If Psycho and Peeping Tom are the seminal killer-as-voyeur movies, Vacancy is the nasty little runt offspring with no other purpose in life but to gnaw on you. This it does uncommonly well.

`Vacancy' Leaves You Empty
Christy Lemire
Associated Press

"Vacancy" is the kind of movie that leaves you feeling icky all over afterward — grimy and sickened and desperately in need of a shower.

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