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Production Information
Release Date: May 25, 2007
Studio: Lionsgate
Director: William Friedkin
Tracy Letts
Starring: Ashley Judd, Harry Connick, Jr., Lynn Collins, Brían O'Byrne, Michael Shannon
Genre: Psychological Thriller
MPAA Rating: R (for some strong violence, sexuality, nudity, language and drug use)
Official Website:

Bug is an American film released on the 25th May 2007 from Lionsgate. It's directed by William Friedkin, starring Ashley Judd, Harry Connick, Jr. and Michael Shannon. The film is based on the play Bug written by Tracy Letts. Bug is Rated R for some strong violence, sexuality, nudity, language and drug use.


* Paranoia is contagious
* First they send in their drone... then they find their queen


The waitress Agnes (Ashley Judd), lives in fear of her violent ex-husband Jerry Goss (Harry Connick, Jr.), who has been let out of jail. Agnes meets Peter (Michael Shannon), and he becomes her protector and lover. Peter begins to talk about the war in Iraq, UFOs, the Oklahoma City bombings, cult suicides, and secret government experiment on soldiers. He is contending with an apparent infestation of parasites and insects. Oddness darkens into madness. Other characters include Agnes' lesbian friend and co-worker, played by Lynn Collins, and Peter's doctor, played by Brían F. O'Byrne. The story deals with domestic violence, conspiracy theories, paranoia and madness that borders on schizophrenia.

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